Bangladesh Fashionology Summit is brought to you by Bangladesh Apparel Exchange.

Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE) is an organization, established to promote the Bangladesh apparel industry, and aims to offer a platform for the exchange of knowledge and expertise, combined with best working practices.

BAE is team behind the highly regarded BANGLADESH DENIM EXPO, and the forthcoming BANGLADESH GREEN APPAREL & TEXTILE EXPO, and was the brainchild of Mr. Mostafiz Uddin, CEO and founder of BAE along with his brother Mr. Mohiuddin Rubel who is the Managing Director of Bangladesh Apparel Exchange & Director of Denim Expert Ltd.

Having worked in the Bangladesh denim industry for 20 years Mr. Mostafiz Uddin is now managing director of DENIM EXPERT LTD., the most highly respected denim manufacturer in Bangladesh, and he has developed a wide scope of experience and in-depth knowledge of the apparel business. His experiences have led to the initiative to facilitate and encourage the exchange of knowledge and expertise within the Bangladeshi apparel community.

My personal desire is to make a difference for my industry, but equally for my country. I want to be the agent of change who, together with my friends and colleagues in the fashion world, sets a new scene for how international buyers and brands see Bangladesh now and in the future.

Mostafiz Uddin

CEO & Founder of BAE and Managing Director of Denim Expert Ltd.


Over the last few decades, Bangladesh has established itself as a trusted location in the apparel sourcing world. As the country readies itself to make the giant leap from mere apparel producer to a manufacturer of a premium fashion product, the professional demands on the sector escalate dramatically.

BAE is an initiative specifically geared to facilitate this transition, by means of the development of the local apparel industry through the exchange of expert knowledge and connections to the appropriate partners, and by creating a platform that allows perceptions to be changed.

The product, marketing, the promotion of sustainability and the exchange of knowledge are the tools we use to achieve these goals, and this has been realized in the organization of several internationally recognized trade events that have helped nurture beneficial business relationships and have served as the ideal forums for the exchange of knowledge.

We are neither a government agency nor an NGO, but are driven by a passion for serving the apparel industry and developing relationships with partners and assisting in their transition to becoming a part of the Bangladesh apparel success story!

Bangladesh Apparel Exchange