Automation / Robotics / Mechanotrics / Cobots

We discover the potential and possibilities of automation and robots and cobots on the apparel production floor. Develop newer perspectives on how you view your organization’s profitability in terms of higher productivity, reduced costs and reduced man to machine ratios. Meet the experts who spent their lives researching and developing tools for automation in apparel manufacturing much like the other developed industries like automotive and electricals.

Connected Factories / Smart Factories

Digitization is pervading every aspect of business. Enabled by advanced technologies like Iot, RFID, Beacons, apparel manufacturing is set to come of age and enter a new era of smart connected cyber physical systems. Discover, Interact, Learn and Connect with the top technology providers in the space of RFID enabled shop floor control systems and evaluate for yourself the feasibility and benefits of tracking and monitoring entire production process in real time at the touch of your finger, from your mobile devices from anywhere. Be prepared to meet with established industry leaders as well as promising start-ups in the space.

Cyber Security and Digital Hygiene

With more and more technologies and services being provided via cloud platforms on subscription based models, cyber security becomes a prime concern for organizations seeking the transition from legacy systems to cloud based systems. Moreover, it becomes more and more important to educate and train the entire organization work force with the dos and don’ts of maintaining a sound digital secure hygiene. Learn from the leading technology providers in the space cyber security and enterprise immune system and come prepared with all your questions to get the answers you seek right from the experts.

Virtual Prototyping

While not radically new to the industry, apparel makers are only just beginning to scratch the surface of the potential of 3D CAD and Patternmaking, Virtual Prototyping and Visual Photorealistic Simulation tools. Buyers and brands are actively trying to reduce the time to market by adoption of smart product development software systems like Leuctra Modaris, Tuka CAD 360 or Visual Assyst. The entire transition and real value chain advantages of these technologies depends on their active adoption by the supply end of the value chain. These are the skills buyers will ask of suppliers in times to come. Are you and your workforce ready? Are you researching on what tools to adopt and invest in? You will be at the right place at the right time to take informed decisions with top technology providers exhibiting.