On Demand Manufacturing and Mass Customization

Changing Customer Expectations are forcing the traditional fashion business models to re-think and change their business especially so when they feel the threat from tech savvy heavy weights like Amazon and young start-ups like Shoes of Prey, Unmade, Farfetched etc. with innovative ways to service the customers and provide newer and elevated levels of customer experiences, giving the customer what they want, when they want and where they want. The Focus is on being business to customer focused throughout the value chain – its B2C and no more B2B2C. Explore and Discover the tools, technologies that are enabling this transition – 3D printing / Additive Manufacturing or 3D printed seamless whole garments knitting machines. We hope to bring together under one roof some of the sharpest minds and most innovative thinkers to initiate the much -needed conversations around newer mass customization models.