Smart Wearables (Fusion of Fashion and Tech)

It is not difficult anymore to visualize a fashion designer fiddling with wires and circuits in addition to fabrics, textures, silhouettes. Fashion and Technology fusion is gaining a steady and firm foothold in the apparel and fashion industry. From technology giants like Google and apparel giants like Levi’s collaborating to develop conductive denim fabric via project Jacquard, the Commute Jacket is not the stuff of a science fiction, but a jacket that was launched for customers to buy as part for Spring Summer 2017 collection!! Smart Sensors to monitor heart rate, sweat rate, conductive threads and LED lit up clothing, membranes to measure and monitor moisture wicking added to clothing, customized displays on clothing which change colors in response to your emotions, or even clothing that transmits ‘hugs’ electronically. Explore the new age fashion which is a fine blend of engineering and aesthetics as we bring the truly inspirational products and product makers to the Bangladesh Fashionology Summit.