Digitizing apparel manufacturing provide us scope to deal with contingencies that hamper manufacturing performances. We will manage to reduce lead times. We will be capable of producing innovative, trendy designs that can take the fashion world by storm. We will be capable of cutting cost by digitizing our supply chain. We will be capable of taking right decisions in right time. We will get agile enough to respond to the ever changing needs of our customers. The list of benefits we can garner from digital technologies will continue to grow. We do not have much debate on this either.

But from the context of Bangladesh, understanding the technologies is the main challenge. In addition to that finding executable & proper way of incorporating these technologies with our existing production facilities is another problem. That’s where Bangladesh Fashionology Summit is playing a big role. We need to understand the cutting edge technologies & innovations more and more. We need to understand how clearly these technologies relate with our own problems. We clearly understand that technology is a blessing to all of us. But we must figure out the way of applying them in our own way. Bangladesh Fashionology Summit, an event with purpose, will provide Bangladeshi manufacturers this opportunity of understanding technology from their own perspectives.

How will you deal with ever growing labor problems? How would you face the problems of transparency? How would you add value to your markets? These questions always plays in the minds of advanced manufacturers of Bangladesh. As an entrepreneurs you will find your own answer. But Bangladesh Fashionology Summit will provide you five intense sessions, where the best technology & innovation experts will come and bring different perspectives on using technology in apparel manufacturing. You can meet and share your thoughts with them at the summit. You can refine your ideas & find new ones for solving your problems & grow your business.

That’s the progressive aspect of the upcoming Bangladesh Fashionology Summit. It is designed for serving the interest of apparel manufacturers. Its mission is helping entrepreneurs finding the right solution for the next level of apparel business. Most importantly it emphasizes the perspective of Bangladeshi manufacturers the most. Come join us on 2nd May 2019 and let’s talk with the world experts for finding solutions and taking our industry forward.