Entrepreneurs cannot but digitize product development across the supply chain to reduce lead time, cut costs, and boost innovation. This session of the summit will focus such ubiquity of digital technologies in apparel sector. Speakers will shed light on critical success factors for faster product development and production using digital technologies, roadblocks and solution strategies to overcome them.

Digitization is a powerful enabler of progress in all the main drivers of future success in apparel sourcing. Applying digital technologies progress can be achieved in continued optimization of sourcing country strategy, ensuring strategic supplier partnerships, better compliance and risk management, and end-to-end efficiency. This session will focus on how digitization can enable increased transparency directly from the factory floor – including direct worker feedback and tracing materials from cradle to the shop floor.

Digitalization enables all ecosystem stakeholders to come together and rethink how they can collaboratively design, manufacture and take the product to the market. To find a pathway for such a revolutionary collaboration this session will focus on consumer centric innovations that are redefining the rules for the every stakeholders of the game

More brands are now paying heed to sustainable technology and the environmental impact of their products and the whole apparel ecosystem is buzzing with innovations. This session will bring into focus on sustainable innovations in the field of materials, machines and even business models.

Digitalization is a matter of mindset. Companies need to acquire and develop tech-savvy talent internally and externally to drive the digital transformation. To host, energize and retain such talent, executives need to take risks and experiment with new tools. This session will focus on what talents, skills, and capabilities do we need to stay in the game in this digital era?

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