Dear Friends,

It was my dream to create a meeting ground for the world’s top thinkers, innovators, technology disruptors from the global fashion industry. The idea was to bring the best and the brightest brains to Bangladesh. To inspire us to stay in step with the fast pace of technological advances that are forcing us at the manufacturing end of apparel supply chain to rethink our business models and capture the fresh new opportunities that the changes bring forth. the dream was brought to life by the first successful edition of Bangladesh Fashionology Summit last February 2018! The event witnessed 17 top class international experts who shared their knowledge / insights on the latest apparel technologies with an audience of 450+ C-suite key decision makers from local Bangladesh apparel industry. Topics of critical importance ranging from automation, robotics, virtual prototyping, artificial intelligence, smart fabrics, sustainable innovations were discussed and debated. We also organized the first-ever Digital Tech Runway Show in Bangladesh during the summit, showcasing fashion-tech creativity and innovations of geek-chic designers from 6 different countries including Spain, France, The Kingdom of the Netherlands and India.
I am so convinced by the need for such an ‘inspirational international community’ to take a firm foothold in Bangladesh, that we have decided to go ahead and make this one annual event. The agenda and date is set for the 2nd Edition of Bangladesh Fashionology Summit. The theme of the 2nd edition of Bangladesh Fashionology Summit is ‘Digitalization - the Next Destination’. It is aligned with one of the nation’s goals of ‘Digital Bangladesh Vision 2021’. As the world goes digital, our apparel industry cannot afford to stay behind. We must prepare to face the future, arm ourselves with the knowledge, skills and technologies for the future. Bangladesh’s Apparel Industry must transform itself and set an example for the rest of the world on how sustainable development goals and business profit motives can work hand in hand to create a better future for all economic sectors and people. I seek your support and encouragement to come forward and generously join the movement! Without your support, how can we be successful? As Founder of Bangladesh Fashionolgy Summit, I promise you that your investment and involvement will be worth it. You will walk away with an amazing experience, with big ‘AHA moments’, real knowledge and expanded insights that will help you position your company for the rapidly changing world. I look forward to welcoming you all.